Esports for Everyone

Games have the amazing power to bring people from different backgrounds and walks of life together. Forming this feeling of community and togetherness on our platform is of the utmost importance to us. We want this to be a social yet competitive environment where gamers can come to challenge one another and also share meaningful and lasting interactions. We prioritize user individuality and interaction through our extensive communication and customization systems

Scientific studies have shown that people who game often have better cognitive abilities in terms of analogy, processing speed, deductive reasoning, and mathematical intelligence than those who don’t play video games. Cognitive skills like these are important for thinking and learning, and they can even help us develop better memories and attention spans. So, playing games can make our brains healthier and process information more effectively especially video games that require concentration and mental agility like chess, checkers, and similar strategy video games.  These cognitive skills can also help us succeed more at work and in education, in addition to performing better in our everyday lives, which in turn can make us happier individuals.

Meet Our Team

We are a group of passionate individuals and together we are shaping the future or esports entertainment

Alex Cabal
Alex CabalFounder
Marketing Graduate of W.P Carey Arizona. Alex is a young entrepreneur in the iGaming industry who specializes in designing products for gamers and sports fans.

Angel Cabal
Angel CabalFounder
MBA with 20+ years experience in Finance, Marketing & Strategy. Angel specialise in global business development and has led top tier corporate and consulting teams (Nestle, Bain, Deloitte, ZS) across all 6 continents.
Shaun Grech
Shaun GrechFounder & CTO
With over 13 years of technical and entrepreneurial experience in the iGaming industry under his belt, Shaun has consulted for some of the industry’s most prominent industry players including the likes of Betsson, GIG, William Hill and Tipico.

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